Personal Force

The Personal Force is contained within the body of any organism. You personal Force comes from the Living Force which is discussed in the next section. When an organism is created, the Force that enters the new organism is transferred from the Living Force. Think of a huge container filled with snow; no two flakes are alike. Let the snow in the container represent the Living Force. Now take a glass and scoop up some of the snow into the glass. The glass represents your body, which is just an external housing of your Personal Force. The Personal Force gives us our identity. Two snow flakes are never alike so each glass gains its individuality from never being the same. The Personal Force is also easily influenced. Personal Force can easily affect many different aspects of your body. The energy of your Personal Force can be positive or negative. A life that contains a lot of negative energy has been shown to be at risk for many health related problems as just one effect. Just by turning the energy in you to a positive state, has been shown to help in more ways then one. Through meditation and other techniques it is quite easy to manipulate your Personal Force.

Think of an event in your life that caused you great sadness or anger. Close your eyes and concentrate on those feelings you felt at that precise moment. Notice how your Personal Force alters within you. Notice changes in your reactions, thinking, body posture, and etc. All of this happened just from a memory. Now that you have altered your energy to a negative state take an example in your life that was highly positive like graduating school, getting married, etc. Close your eyes and concentrate on those feeling you had at that point and time and now pay close attention to how your body responds. That is just a small example of how easy it is to alter your Personal Force. It would actually be of great use to learn how your body responds in both states. Learn the signs your body feels when your Personal Force begins to change to negative energy. By learning these things about yourself, you will be better able to know when those changes are occurring in advance. You can still feel sorrow, sadness, happiness, anger, and etc..while maintaining positive energy. This is one step in learning to not let your emotions control how you act, think, and respond.

Your Personal Force as mentioned above comes from the Living Force but it also goes back to the Living Force when we move on. The Personal Force always remains with you until you unite again with the Living Force. Your Personal Force is imprinted with your life and events. When we become one with the Living Force again, those imprints remain. When the cycle repeats and a new life is created from the Living Force, sometimes parts of those imprints are carried with the Personal Force. Take Beethoven for example, he was writing Symphonies that most people could not even comprehend at a very early age. Some ask how this is possible. It is from a composers' Personal Force from a previous time in history. Part of that imprinted Personal Force was transferred into Beethoven thus giving him the amazing talents he displayed at a very early age. This transfer of a previous Personal Force imprint does not always happen but it is an occurrence within the Living Force.