What are you?

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There are 3 types of people.  There is an extrovert, introvert, and a combination.  You want to strive for the combination in life.  

An introvert is always from within.  When in life something goes wrong an introvert is the type that will always find blame in themselves no matter at times how obvious it is not their own fault.  Whenever something in life goes good or bad it is always them at fault or they were the cause of the success.  It is never someone else or any outside factors.  They are always taking responsibility, at times too much so.  If they don’t get a job after an interview or if they get fired it is what did I do wrong.

An extrovert is always looking outside.  They always assume blame on someone or something else.  They will never take responsibility for their own actions whether good or bad.  It is never their fault.  They are they type, the extreme ones that would say the world is out to get me.  If in an interview they don’t get hired or they get fired from a job it is so and so was out to get me.  It was so and so’s fault.  

Take a look at yourself and really look hard.  Do you fall into just one of these categories?  Hopefully you fall as a combination.  Be able to give someone credit for a good job but also be able to claim responsibility for your actions when they are in the wrong.  Knowing this can also help you in dealing with other people.  It is usually pretty easy to identify which way people are.  The more you can understand someone’s the thinking the easier it will be to work through a situation that arises.  I don’t know how many times just knowing these two words have helped me deal with an irate parent or administrator at school.  After you gain a good understanding of identifying words and traits for both words you will find it very quick and easy to pick out which way someone is.