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No I don’t mean the song, sorry to disappoint…lol.  For me this is a big issue.  I am all about respect.  From teaching in the school to seeing how people act at home I feel many are losing sight of this.  I always hear from people, well, you have to earn respect before you can give it.  I completely disagree with people who state that.  I feel you have to show respect before you can get it.  If you go into a room and begin calling names and insulting them you are showing no respect and therefore you deserve none in return.  I mean none in return as you shouldn’t start beating on them or calling them names back.  I mean it as people who act like that should not be taken seriously or professionally.  I would not even listen to someone’s opinion if they came in acting like that.  If you want to have your views heard don’t disrespect the person you are talking with.  Understand where the other is coming from (empathy) and discuss things.  People who tend to show no respect I find tend to act on their emotions, going back to the code.  We all know where that can lead to.  If people could just show respect I believe many of today’s issues would be much less of a problem then they are otherwise.  Show respect and you will gain respect.