The Privilege to Teach

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There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.  Being able to help others with that part of the Jedi Code is a great thing.  Many people are great at sharing their own knowledge but being able to actually teach another individual and effect there lives is a great gift not shared by everyone.  Some people I have found in the real teaching world feel they are great teachers because they have the ability to share knowledge.  I have worked with many of these individuals and you find many in our own public schools but where I see a lot of these types of people is in the secondary education level.  It is very apparent to everyone that they have a great understanding and knowledge of their field but still lack that quality of a teacher.  A teacher is someone who has an extensive working knowledge of their field, as with the ones who can just share knowledge.  The real difference is a teacher inspires their students to go out and learn more, they teach them to be able to teach themselves to be their own best teacher.  That is a whole different ability then just sharing knowledge and can take years of training, or at least working experience.  For someone who can do that within the Jedi community is a great thing.  I have noticed a great wealth of material, knowledge sharing, but a lack of very capable teachers.  I have also seen this mentioned in other Jedi communities.  If you have the ability to teach by inspiring others to learn and making them their own best teacher then you should do all you can to contribute and share your knowledge, experiences, and expertise.  When you have the ability to share knowledge and teach others to gain more knowledge and be their own teacher, why would you deny sharing that knowledge with others.  A good teacher also recognizes that they will never stop learning.  I see many teachers that feel they are an expert in their own field and have nothing else to learn so they begin to teach others as they are less then worthy.  First of all this is not Jedi like.  Second of all, a teacher always knows they are also a student.  We can learn just as much from our teachers as we can from our students.  To say otherwise is to show extreme ignorance.  So if you have the gift of being able to teach and not just share knowledge you should do all you can to teach others first of all in your area of knowledge; but you should also teach them how to teach so they can do the same with others and also know how to teach themselves.  You are your own best teacher only if you are shown how.