The Past

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The past can hurt but you can either learn from, it or run from it.  I love this quote in Lion King.  There are a few more parts to it but that is the core of it.  How many people do you know including yourself that dwell on the past?  I know I could name a few right off the top of my head.  I used to even be able to put myself in that category.  There is a difference in acknowledging the past and dwelling on it.  I don’t like to get into politics but for this example it’s the easiest one I can use.  Some of the people I work with still dwell to this day about the 2000 elections.  They continue to moan and complain about what happened instead of learning form what happened and possibly trying to do something about.  With this outlook you will find yourself becoming more of a pessimist and less of what I call a realist.  

To me a realist is someone who doesn’t dwell on what happened.  The accept it, which doesn’t always mean you agree with it, but you accept it, learn from it, and move on using what you learned for future situations.  When I am determining someone’s ability for a job or something where I will be working for them this is a biggy for me.  If they or myself make a mistake are they going to dwell on it or are we going to learn form it and move on.  I hate to say but everyone reading this is going to make a mistake at some point, probably a bunch of them.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s  You can decide right now if you are going to learn from that or are you going to sit there and say man, I can’t believe such and such for the next couple of months and then just forget about it.  That is running because you are refusing to learn from the experience.  No matter how much it hurts you to look back on what happened you need to.  Figure out what and why something happened that determine what steps you need to take in order for a better outcome the next time it happens.  You will learn a lot about yourself in how you handle difficult times or situations.

So remember, the past can hurt but you can either learn from it, or run from it!!