In Silence ther is Power

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It's not a definite rule of a "fixed reality".

Our energy body is composed of different compartments. The egg shaped structure of us is separated exactly into two halves, lower and upper parts. Each have unique energies with different characteristics. If "seen" then both have different colors. Also the energy in both moves distinctly. the upper vibrates with higher frequency the lower is more slow.
Then in this egg there are more compartments, the right side and the left side. The right side energy moves much like water, the left side more like turbulent fire or sun. The right side is filled with chatter, the left side with silence.

The right side likes to have plans, calculate and know things. It likes to be obsessed with things. The left side is silence and power.

In our configuration there is a main energy flow which for virtually all people flows to support the right side. It can be though made to flow so it lays the right side to secondary place and empowers the left side as a primary WAY.

People have different base structures and characteristics but the main plan of humans is same except for few that have more compartments and abilities.

The nature of our (energy) bodies is like our universe. physical - energy moving in waves, energetic - energy moves like fire.

Then there are other universes where there are different energies, beings with their unique configurations and characteristics.

Travelling into these other universes will give one energy from there... so it can be used as a self empowerment that exceeds the limits of power limit of this universe.

wake up in your silence and nothingness yet existence.

Then there is also a compartment in center of our egg shaped (energy) body.

From there an entrance to a secret compartment can be found, and that is a way to freedom.

but one can go there only if they are ready.