One Step at a Time

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I am reading a book called The Mastery of Music by Barry Green.  It's an excellent book and anyone that is into the orchestral instruments of music or just music period would get a kick out of this book.  It breaks down each instrument or sometimes groups of instruments with some similar characteristics.  With many instruments there is a human characteristic that is associated with the players of that instrument like courage with trumpets, discipline with flute and clarinet, passion with cello, and etc..  It has a lot of humor in it and is just a great book.  I was reading the section a night or two ago on the Viola which is grouped with tolerance. 

We as humans tend to look at things as a whole and not break things down.  There is a great quote in the book that is talking about a viola player with her teacher working on a piece of music that is EXTREMELY difficult and she is convinced she can't play.  Her teacher had her take it note by note and then moved on from there.  At the end of the quote she finishes with this,

"What I learned is that there is no problem you cannot handle if you start with a very simple step and work methodically onward from there. Nothing is impossible."