The Darkness Inside

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I've noticed some talk here and there about "The Darkness" and of course I have my self mentioned the Dark Side of the force. I thought some interesting things I have come to find in my life and the world around me may be of some comfort to everyone here.

There is no darkness only light

ok I know it sounds like a rip off of the code but I have found, that if you look at ANYTHING the Force WILL bend it to be usefull to the world in time. I know it sounds like a bunch of hooey but most things in life that are important do.

Also I have went as far into myself as I can go, as deep as I have ever been able to move inside myself, so deep that the fear that I may never get out even crept into my mind for an intollerable second before it was driven out by my training. I then went deeper. I can't explain that, but its true I felt myself slip through myself into a depth that I personally didn't bring myself into. I learned something, at the core of all people there is good. Everything else is layers. We talk of controlling our inner demons and inner darknesses and the dark side so much to our students, to our selves, and to each other. I recently explained to one of my students these concepts. That he had no evil in him, not realy, only built up around the real him. Probably just things he chose subconciously to try and learn from and failed to learn, then rather than trying to learn from the things it created a corruption, but not a corruption in HIM not the real him, but in the outer reaches around him. The results where astonishing, he has become alive, all he needed was someone willing to reach in and give him that hand. I feel kind of bad that I was blind to that fact as his teacher for years. Yet, maybe it was more usefull than I realise, he has learned so much now as a result of those years and his new ability to evaluate. He recently said to me about the concepts of the force in fiction.

"you know, I just don't see this Dark Side thing as being, you know, real, it seems to me its over generalized, its the intent that makes a dark or light jedi, no the power they use"

I've never been prouder of a student than for that realization.

So take heart Jedi, your not fighting off some deep dark evil in you, your just trying to see through the mists of what you have been TOLD you must be, there is a great light in you that is shinning forth piercing the shadows, and in time I think all of us will realise one thing. There are no shadows any more.

Don't get me wrong, it is possible to choose a dark path, you can make those layers bigger, but no matter what happens it will all turn out ok. Those layers will disintegrate in time. The Force Is With You.