Fictional Terminology

Today I want to revisit the idea of terminology (yep, more of that boring stuff). *SMILE* During lecture 8 I spent some time talking about the terms we have created for Jedi Realism. For this lecture I want to focus on those that we borrow from Star Wars. Keep in mind that while the JEDI Database does have a complete encyclopedia of fictional terms, there has really been a push in the past few years to get away from using them.

The two most-used fictional terms are, of course, Jedi and the Force. Relan once said of them, The first word is the name that depicts our group. The second word depicts what we stand for, what we believe in.

Of course we borrowed lightsabers from Star Wars. While lightsabers don't yet exist in our technology, they have become a symbol of the Jedi. As you know, a lightsaber is made from a fixed, concentrated light beam. Jedi who use their weapons effectively must be highly in tune with the Force. Jedi also use the lightsaber as a symbol precisely because of this connection.

The Force has been divided into two aspects the two main ways that fictional Jedi used the Force. These are known as the Living Force and the Unifying Force. We can especially begin to see how these are used in the prequel movies. (For those of you in Force 1, I apologize. You have already seen these definitions, though reading through them again certainly won't hurt!)

The Living Force is the most heard-of and used. It is basically the study of the Force in relation to life and how it functions, how it can be used to preserve and maintain life. It is a very personal belief in the sense that it tends to focus on the individual before the group as a while. It focuses heavily on feeling and senses the here and now.

The Unifying Force is the study of the Force in terms of an energy that connects all things, binding everything together. The Unifying Force takes on a macro approach and focuses on theory and philosophy. It is the spirit that binds everyone and everything together the future.

There are others that we use, such as Jedi Academy, Jedi Council, and Padawan. However, you should have a pretty good idea of what these mean, so I'm not going to go into them here.

Along with your regular response to the lecture, I would like you to list and define three terms that you have heard since coming to JEDI. They can come from any source, including the Database, as long as they are fictional terms. How do you feel about each term? Do you think it is used correctly in Jedi Realism or should it remain in the real of Star Wars?