Hatred - The World Religion

Everyone wants to unite the world in one religion. They have done this for the entirety of organized religion. War after war after war has been waged in the name of religion. Crusades, Inquisitions, and Jihads...all fought for something as simple and complex as a religion. This has done its job, though. It has caused one united religion amongst almost the entire world. Even those that fight it feel it from time to time.


Everyone hates someone, no matter how many times it is taught against such actions in the various religions of the world. I am willing to bet that even the Dhali Lama, at one point, said "I hate you" and meant it. The "religious" and "non-religious" of this world have finally come together in one united calling...hating one another! Yay!

What are we to do to undo this religion of the world? Wars have been fought and won in the name of this calling. What are we, those who can see this flaw, but are still subject to it, to do the combat this tidal wave of darkness? And should we? To combat hatred just makes people hate you.

We can preach against it! Oh, no...that won't work. They are already doing that. It seems to breed hatred. The human race is so absolutely stubborn that telling them NOT to hate someone just strengthens their resolve to hate them. The hate is hidden from the world, and thus eats at the person from the inside out. They also start to hate those who tell them to not, knowing that the speaker is just as tainted by the flaw.

People do what you tell them not to? Teach them to hate! Oh no...they do that already, too. The only problem is that hatred is so natural that people won't go against it. That is like teaching a person to breathe. There is no reason for them to go agaisnt that.

Well, the answer seems obvious. Kill everyone but those that do not hate us, and there is no reason to hate...right? WRONG! That sounds like a Crusade to me. The killing is the biggest problem in helping this religion of hatred grow. To even think such a thing shows the hatred. But, we all think it from time to time. So, how do we stop hatred from ruling the world?