It’s a very simple concept to understand, but I don’t think I would have worked it out if I didn’t become a Jedi. It’s one of the first teachings I learned when I started down the Jedi path. Yet still an important one.

I was under the influence, that any sort of help was help. Giving my time to other people was the best thing for them. Or was it? The simple is answer is not always. Too often people rely on other people to give them the answers, or give them help of any sort. Sometimes the best way YOU can help THEM is by not helping.

By not giving your time to them, the person must find another way to get help. The important part is, the person feels abandoned and seeks help them self. So by not acting, you indeed helped them.

An example: A person always reads your notes in a class you attend. They always do not listen them self, but count on you to help them afterwards. The best way you can help is by saying ‘No’. No means no. They can’t force you too. So they must find another source and generally then make a mistake and learn from it. Soon enough you realise, they have stopped relying on other people to help them, and have found the courage to help them self.

Everything again can be said about lying. Lying is generally wrong. Some Jedi suggest we should never lie. Yet, I bet sometimes you do it without realizing it.

Jedi promote a good, happy atmosphere. Yet if a person quizzed you on their piece of work, which you know they spent days on; and you truly didn’t like it – you wouldn’t break their heart. So it’s a question of your own morals, but that’s not up to me. It’s up to you.

Bullying. It happens everywhere, and nearly everyone is a victim of it. It leaves many people with broken and depressed lives, sadly. Let’s say you knew a person who gets such torments, say about their looks, and she (‘she’ for examples sake) comes crying to you. She also questions you; if you think she is ‘beautiful’. Your deep truthful answer is: no. Could you shatter her piece of hope in the darkness? Would you be truthful, like some Jedi suggest you should – or would you lie, and support the person?

Your morals are up to you. How you act is up to you.

You and the Force. They are the same. The two are one.