Judge Ourselves

Q: Should we judge ourselves and others, or accept any kind of behavior?

A: The universe was created to teach us, not to judge us. Yet we judge ourselves and our world. Those quick to judge are slow to compassion. Those that are slow to compassion have forgotten that hurtful people don't go the hell; they are already in hell; that is why they behave as they do. Ultimately, no one gets away with anything. Resenting people only allows others to live in our head rent free. And despite our judgments, reality happens anyway. So if we judge, let us judge with compassion, until we finally discover that our primary business is not forgiving others, but asking forgiveness.

Personal Application:
Many of us have read or heard that it is wrong to judge, so we judge ourselves for judging others. Instead of trying not to do what we do anyway, let's judge with compassion. We are here to strive towards our own ideals, not to impress them on other people.

* List three judgments you have about specific people or situations that bother you (like how they drive, or other behaviors you consider wrong).

* Now consider carefully how this judgment may apply to you. It is nearly impossible to love or hate what we don't also have in ourselves.