Love is ever lasting its power runs deeper than any scientist can understand. It is more mysterious than life and the Universe put together. If you love some one or some one loves you. The force cannot put you in better hands. Family, Friends and even some Enemies love has no boundaries.

It can start a war or end one if so willing. Love is something that every person through the history has felt. Love for you country friends and family the list goes on. I really believe love is of a strength that cannot be defeated.

 They say hope is what gives us strength is think its Love. The people who have been trapped and found a way out. There asked how did you do it. They answer I thought a wife a daughter or son. It can cause a mother to lift a 4 ton 8,000 pound car.

Yes it is adrenalin but what make they adrenalin go I think its love. A lot has been done in the name of love good and evil as love has no boundaries. A point of few from my point of few can be from love. A loved one is in trouble with drugs you truly love them you stand by them even when they don't want you there.

I think instead of saying that love shouldn't be thrown around like its candy is wrong. The more you share you love with others the more love they will share causing a never ending cycle so is my point of few of love. There are family members and friends that I feel love for that makes me want to protect them. The same I'm sure goes for all of you as well. I hate using this but was it not the love Luke had for his father that made him bring him back from the darkside.

Also was it not the love Darth Vader had for look son that caused him to save his son from the emperor. Through love Vader or Anakin did what many through the history of Star Wars have never done. The story of star wars really beyond the force is love. Love can cause you to do anything thing to save the one you love. Anakin went to the Darkside to save Padama. Luke went to no limits in the comics and return of the Jedi to save his father. There are many examples in live where love has had they same affect.

This is just my point of few and with all the love in my heart I pray you do not take offense.