Revolution Resolutions

This is the last day of the year 2006 AD. On it, many people make what they see as promises to themselves to do better to do better in the new year. While a valiant idea, it is one so seldom held to. Many keep their resolution for two to three months, then forget them. It is too hard for the human, who lives day to day, to keep one promise for an entire year.

The Jedi are no different. In that, I have come up with an idea that I hope many will take into consideration, and possibly even act upon. I call them Revolution Resolutions. This is to make a large resolution at the beginning of the year, to have stopped doing something by the time that Revolution around the sun is completed. However, in that, there are daily resolutions, much smaller in scale, that build up to the larger one for the year.

With each revolution of the planet itself, we should each wake and take the new day for what it is, a NEW day. A day where we can change who and what we are, piece by piece. This is a way to push one's self towards their goal. For instance, many make the New Years Resolution to stop smoking, or work out more. Each day, they should make themselves a promise to follow the path to that main goal. Like, for smoking, a vice I hold personally, allot a certain number of cigarettes to each day, and gradually step down day after day, week after week, until you no longer need, nor want them. Find reasons why you should give them up: health risks; horrible taste; horrible, penetrating smell; monetary loss of the habit...

This is how all resolutions should work, but seldom do. Remember, as you take your steps to self-perfection, be they stopping smoking, stopping eating fried chicken, or simply training more; take these promises a day at a time, and do not put off until tomorrrow what you should have done yesterday, and can do today.