What is power? If you went down a street, and asked people who passed, "What is Power?", you may come up with things such as Presidents, Generals, Prime Minister... but generally, leaders in some form. So what is it then? Is Power the way a person is respected, or a person who has special rights? Or is it someone who can influence or command people very easily. Is a person who you think has "Power" seen on TV or heard on Radio?

If you think that, then Power is something only some people have. "Important" people.

That kind of Power is more external, and physical. As humans, we have the power, or more so the "potential", to do many things. We have the Power to help life, and make life easier for people, yet we also have the power to take life. We can help people, do good deeds, but as I said we do indeed have the power to do many terrible things.

So, Jedi, what kind of "Power" might you consider to be the best? The power to be yourself? To be really deep down good? What about internally, a war that's been won and a new power the owner has. Think about it: is Power to be able to control your actions and make yourself wise, not a power? It's not a flaw. Is the power to be mature, or be rational not also Power?

Perhaps we will never be able to lead a country, to lead an army, or even lead a musical band, but if Power is something only few people have, there's something out there you can achieve—and only few people have good power. Attaining the Power that matters to you, the power you can hold yourself to, can only be achieved by one person:


Choose and act.