Past, Present, and Future Time

There are only three points in time, the past, present, and future. This lesson very much is a continuation of the lesson on fear but it also can be unrelated to fear. Too many times people are too caught up in the past or the future. As I usually do in music when I am playing my more difficult music I tend to leave the present and go into the future. Sorry, can't share my time travel methods with Anyways, like 20 seconds or so before I reach a difficult section I start thinking about how hard it is or I rarely play it correctly in rehearsals. I have slipped in the future time at the expense of the present time which usually if not always leads to failure. I know personally whenever I do this I really mess up the part I was thinking about ahead of time. This is also the case with past time. How many times have you really been hard on yourself over something you did and while you were doing that you messed up something you were currently doing. Again, you failed because mentally you removed yourself from present time.

Always be aware of future and past time but never at the expense of the present. This is also common with tests. Maybe you've failed this test before so during the entire test in the back of your mind you are recalling what happened instead of concentrating 100% on the present time. The same could be said of future time. I am going to be taking 2 of my 3 teaching tests tomorrow that I have to pass in order to receive my New York Teacher's Certificate. Is there a lot of pressure to pass these tests, of course. If I go in there thinking of what could happen (living in future time) it will cost me big time in the present time. If I focus on the future possibilities I will most likely not be concentrating on the here and now. Is it good to be aware of those things, of course. Will I be a little nervous going into the tests, you better believe!! I feel being nervous as I mentioned before makes you not get lazy or too passive. It keeps you on your toes and more alert. You just can't let that nervousness turn into fear.

Take a look at your own life and the lives of people around you. Do you or others you are around tend to live in the past or future? If you answer yes, work on trying to live in present time while being aware of the past and future time.