Truly Looking at Someone

Often times when we view a person we take a judgmental role. However it is infrequent we consider that their actions are more than likely a result of them wanting to do what they perceive as the "Right" thing. Often they find that their concept of right may differ from others, or may even be on par with the majority, yet we never take that into account in our judgments. The concept of right and wrong is as old as good and evil, light and dark, up and down, yet in the mind of one committing an action some part of them believes it is the "Right" course of action. Often times we do not consider that in our "judgment" of a person, we determine that because of a diabolical act that they must be evil, inherently wrong, acting in a way that they could see as wrong, or not caring of right or wrong. Yet somewhere in their mind they consider the action a good, right thing to do. We eat because we believe it is the right thing to do when we are hungery, we drink because we believe it is the right thing to do when we are thirsty also. Judgment calls however are not universal, some fast for days for enlightenment, this makes them no less right or wrong, just different. To truly look at someone we must have compassion for the actions they may take that are undesirable for them, for others, or for everyone. We must drop the prejudice of right and wrong and look instead from the persons point of view, if we truly are in the "True right" then our job should be to lessen the harm, or "wrong", that another causes if we are able to. Yet, we can not truly know how to do that until we see it from that persons point of view also. Admittedly anyone can take actions and STOP someone, permanently or otherwise, from committing a "wrong" act, it takes real courage however to help someone through whatever it is that causes a "wrong" act so that they may in and of themselves do greater better things. It is always easier to extend a sword than an open hand. It is easier to knock someone down than to help them up. Being a Jedi is not supposed to be about being easy though, it's about being truly helpful, kind, caring, considerate, and yes "good" not just from our own point of view, but from the point of view of those we help.