Anything's Possible

Many of us feel that we are unable to ‘do’ something, because of some personal inadequacy. We are not ‘good’, ‘great’, or ‘powerful’ enough. If you believe you cannot achieve something, you never will. Your own attitude prevents you reaching your goals.

The Bible tells us that those who believe ‘can do anything through He who gives us strength.’ I would say ‘we can do anything through the Force, which gives us strength.’

As a Jedi, you can take your ‘power’, your ‘greatness’ from the Force. Speak with honesty, act with integrity and courage, be at peace

You are all you need now. You are enough as you are. You are worthy without work. That’s not to say we can’t improve ourselves, but we must not allow our feelings of inadequacy prevent us taking action NOW.

Share your dreams, and you may find someone else with the same one, you can work towards it together. You have an unlimited opportunity for growth, improvement and advancement, don’t waste it!