Be At Peace

Many of us, when faced with a ‘perfect’ situation will ask ‘What’s the catch?’ Why does there have to be a catch? Why can’t we accept that things may be just as good as they seem. Be happy, enjoy the place you are without looking for something to go wrong.

If a situation is less than perfect, do we get ourselves wound up worrying about it, when in fact there’s nothing we can do?

If you’re stuck in traffic, will getting angry and frustrated make it move faster? Or will it just make you stressed and agitated?

In a situation where you have a difference of opinion, is it really so important to be ‘right’? Wouldn’t it be more peaceful to agree to differ? Allow other people their opinions, even try to understand them, but if you can’t accept them, agree to differ.

Change the things you can, accept the things you can’t, and know the difference. Be at peace. Only at peace can you find your true power.