Jedi Meditation

I’ll make this as straightforward as I can. Whatever brings you Peace, keeps you in league with Justice and commands you to Compassion is surely the best Meditation for you. My meditation is very reality-based and is as follows:

As I drive, I self-reflect on my immediate actions. Are my emotions in check? Am I keenly aware of my surroundings? Am I compassionate toward other drivers? Am I patient? Am I Peaceful in my course to my destination? Am I prepared to negotiate calmly most situations that may arise? Will my control be there if a situation goes awry? Driving consumes a lot of my day, so driving is a good way for me to Meditate on the things that are core to my being.

While at home, I self-reflect again. Was I good person today? Did I accomplish Compassion? Was I a just and honest man in my efforts? Was I Peaceful with those I contacted? If I made a mistake, did I correct it without hesitation, remorse and explanation? Did I control myself in tenuous situations? Here again, reality checks all, and Meditation in an awakened stae is accomplished.
Occasionally, I will Meditate in the more traditional fashions, using simple clearing of my Soul and Mind as basics. Lately I have used self-hypnosis to reinforce core issues, and to to enhance corrective measures to bring myself to a fuller being in keeping with the Force. Between all thes Meditations, I find myself to be a more Peacful person, striving always to be a better man without undue stress.