Walking Meditation

Just offering a meditation style that you may or may not be aware of. I learned of this particular meditation from Jon Kabat-Zinn's Wherever You Go, There You Are which also has several other meditations to learn. Highly recommend the book.

Walking Meditation

Meditation need not solely take place where the student is in a lotus position on the floor. For the walking meditation, you do just that: walk!

1. The version I learned of this is where you do walk outdoors. Have no particular destination in mind and have no set time you need to return, if possible.

2. While you walk, clear your mind of thoughts, questions.

3. Focus your attention on your step. How does it feel when and where your foot touches the ground? Feel each pressure point in your toes, your arch, your heel.

4. Focus your attention on your ankle, your leg. How does each muscle feel while it moves?

5. Focus on your skin. Is it warm from the workout? Or cool?

6. Focus on the air as you move through it, the shade and sun as you move through the landscape.

As you can see, the meditation is highly focused on the body through its movement and sensations. I wrote this - for clarity's sake - where its in order, or where you're supposed to ponder the questions. Don't actually do that while meditating. Just "be" and be mindful of your walk, your step and your environment.