Living Force

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The Living Force is all the Personal Forces combined.  Referring back to the snow flake examples; when you take a glass and scoop up the snow you have your Personal Force which came from the Living Force.  All of the Personal Force combined makes the Living Force.  It is much easier to control your Personal Force than it is to control the Living Force.  Think of it this way.  If you threw a pebble into a small glass the ripples of water would travel the entire glass top.  Now if you threw the same size pebble into the ocean it would barely have an effect on the entire ocean as the ripples would only go out a couple inches.  It is the same idea with the Force.  It is much easier to influence your Personal Force then it is to influence the Living Force.

The Living Force is made up from all of the Personal Force so there can still be that aspect of positive and negative energies.  The Living Force can be affected by the Personal Force and vice versa.  Have you ever walked into a room when you had good flow of positive energy (a really good mood) and once you entered the room all of your energy turned negative?  This is an example of the Living Force affecting your Personal Force.  Now how does the Living Force take on negative energy?  The collective pool of Personal Forces is what causes the Living Force to take on negative.  The Living Force begins in a neutral state.  The Personal Force is what causes a shift in the Living Force.  If you have ever gone to a funeral home the moment you walk in, a majority of the time you will be overwhelmed with the feelings of sorrow, pain, and all sorts of negative energy.  At least for me that has been the situation.  Again these are not bad things, just one side of the negative energies.  You can sense that negativity in everything from the moment you walk in.  Due to the purpose of a funeral home people come there to mourn.  They bring their negative energy with them thus affecting the Living Force around them.  Typically there is more then one person mourning at a funeral, hence the effect would be like a meteor landing in the ocean.  Instead of causing a small ripple spanning a few inches, the entire ocean would be affected.  These are just one or two example of the many ways that the two Forces can be influenced from one another.  The actually influence of the two takes place through the Unifying Force which will be discussed in the next section.

Through being aware of the Living Force you can better understand your surroundings.  Through those understandings you will be able to gain more understanding in how the Living force affects your personal Force.  Through this understanding you can control when and if those impressions of the Living Force will affect you and when.