Being Overwhelmed

In your life you might have a ton of different things going on at the same time.  I see this in numerous occasions.  When a problem comes up, people tend to look at the problem in its entirety.  I don’t know how many people including myself in the past that has done this and it just became too much to handle that you broke down or just give up on fixing whatever it is you need to take care of.  Don’t look at a problem or situation in its entirety.  Break it down into smaller manageable chunks.  It gives you smaller more attainable goals that will lead you towards fixing or accomplishing your task or problem.  One of my favorite parts in a movie is in Patch Adams with Robin Williams.  It’s when he is in the mental institution and Arthur Mendelssohn holds up four fingers and asks Williams how many fingers he sees.  Everyone including Williams’s answers saying 4 fingers and he always flips out saying they are all incompetent and so on.  Later on Williams goes to see him and asks him what the answer is.  Mendelssohn holds up his 4 fingers again and tells him to look beyond the fingers, don’t concentrate on them.  Williams then gives the answer 8 (though anything more then 4 is correct.)  The point of that whole thing is to look beyond the problem.  When you look beyond it you will see new and different answers that you wouldn’t have seen when focusing on the problem itself.