Becoming a Jedi

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To become a Jedi can take many years of practice and application.  Many communities of Jedi I feel just call themselves a Jedi for the coolness of being a Jedi.  I also feel there are many people who practice being a Jedi but also do not apply it in their general lives.  In order to consider yourself a Jedi you have to practice and then apply to your own life what you have learned.  This can especially happen in the online community.  Basically many I feel talk the talk but do not walk the walk.  I have been following the Jedi path for about 10 years indirectly as in it didn’t have a name for me.  I found all the online communities and realized that Jedi have the same beliefs I do.  I have been a follower and believer of the code.  A big part I see of being a Jedi is it is a path of morals.  Not all of it, but a big part.  Look at the Maxims, to me those are morals.  How a Jedi is supposed to act is by showing empathy, compassion, and understanding, while still upholding our own beliefs.  For me that is how a morally straight person should act.  A Jedi must follow the laws of the land and uphold peace and justice.  If you don’t believe in the laws that you are living by then put yourself in a position where you have the ability to have your voice heard about those laws.  Do not go out and enforce your own set of laws, which is not the Jedi way.  When a situation arises where there is confrontation, if you can do anything to prevent it as in talking it out do what you can.  If you are going to be putting yourself in harms way for another party, be mindful.  Call the authorities instead of putting yourself into a situation where you may be injured along with the other person.  If someone attacks you, do all you can by using your mind to get out of the situation then use self-defense as a last resort.  When defending yourself, defend in a manner to disarm the other person; do not defend with intent to kill as that is a violation of the Force.  To take a life is not the will of the Force.  The Jedi code is also a major founding belief of a Jedi.  You must trust, believe, and understand the code down to its very meaning.  There are plenty of discussions on what the code means so I will not go into that here.  When I see people act on their emotions and passions it is generally in an immoral way.  That is half of the code right there.  People in this day and age tend to over complicate things.  Be careful not to fall into that trap.  “Over analysis leads to paralysis” and “A teaspoon of medicine can help but a spoon full can kill” are two quotes you should keep in mind.  Life is already complicated, why complicate it more.  The Force is the reason a Jedi is a Jedi.  Our undying belief is that there is this energy in everything.  If you do not believe in that one part everything else does not matter.  Some people believe the Force goes hand in hand with their own religion as in Christianity and some also believe in just the Force as in some Jediism believers.  These are just some of the very founding things that make a Jedi a Jedi.  I feel there are many people that say and practice being a Jedi but do not apply it in their own lives along with many who actually do practice and apply their Jedi path.  A Jedi does not use foul language directed at an individual or group of people.  A Jedi does not put someone down.  A Jedi does not resort to personal attacks.  A Jedi does not think they are superior then everyone else because we are all equal within the Force.