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I see lots of references to the word balance and not much on what they mean a balance between.  I think people need to be careful when referring to a balance and when they do really specify what is meant.  Many times I see the word balance thrown in with good and bad.  Yes I know good and bad depends on your world views, perspective, morals, and many other things.  So when people refer to a balance between good and bad they are implying that a bad action should be balanced by a good action.  I don’t know the numbers off the top of my head so I will just say 100,000 people were killed during the Holocaust.  Pretty much everyone agree the Holocaust was a bad thing.  So by using this example of balance if we feed, house, and sustain the life of 100,000 other people, does that balance out the bad that was done during the Holocaust.  When implying this, it is a scary place that is being entered.  There should be no balance of bad and good.  We as Jedi should always strive to do our best to do good.  At times bad things come from the best of intentions.  When that happens, you need to realize your mistake, learn from it, and fix it.  When people refer to a balance of light and dark they usually are implying good and evil so to me it is the same thing.  

Looking at this from an outsider’s view, someone either new to the Jedi community or just looking in on us when they see the word balance between good and bad this could really cause some problems if there is no detail to what they mean.  I know many of you mean balance in a different way but be careful when using the word and when you do I would give some detail on exactly what is meant.