A Jedi's Core

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I have referred to in some of my past writings a core.  Now what do I mean by a core.  I feel everyone has one spot in their body where it is the central focus point for the Force.  It is where the very heart of your soul resides.  It is not in the same location for each of us.  I have talked to some who say it is in their side just above their hip, or in their arm.  For me it is in the center of my body just below my breast bone.  This is where I can feel the strength of the Force the strongest.  I used my core as a focal point when learning to feel the Force.  As I grew in ability I didn’t need to concentrate so hard on my core to feel the Force.  After a time I was able to expand it to become my whole body.  I am just beginning to be able to push it out even farther and it really helps me with my surroundings.  I am finding I can read people emotions even better as I develop pushing out my core.  It also takes a lot of concentration right now but each time I do it, it gets a little easier.  

Now how do I work on enlarging my own core?  Lot’s of meditation practice..lol.  For me what works is ever time I breathe in I feel like I am filling a balloon.  Each time I do so it continues to expand.  If I loose concentration or try to push it too hard and too fast I find it bursts because I am still working on this, but I know with time I will be able to control it much better.  As an aside I find when I’m really cold this helps too as for me, all the energy warms my body up quite nicely.  I believe in time when I can control this more it will really help me when dealing with others in any situation.