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Life is all about choice. Everything that happens to you can all be traced back to a choice you made at some point in time. Remember, the only behavior we can control is our own and all we can give others is information. People can tell us to do things or give us information about something particular but the only person that can do something about it is you. You might not always think you have a choice but remember, you ALWAYS have a choice.

For example you might be at a job and your boss asks to do something that goes against every moral you have for yourself. Many people will just go ahead and do it and say, well I had no choice, my boss asked me. Well you do have a choice, you might not like the choice but you have a choice. You can either do what your boss asks or tells you to do or not. Will you get fired, possibly but the point is you have a choice. Maybe you have 3 kids, a spouse that is in the hospital due to an accident and you can't afford to be fired. In that situation you would probably do what was asked but again, you have made a conscious choice to do it. No one help a gun to your head and made you do it. You weighed all of your options and decided there was more to lose by not doing what was asked. Just don't use those dangerous words, I didn't have a choice. Too many people use that as an excuse or a cop out. Just because one of the possible outcomes is pretty bad doesn't mean you didn't have a choice in the outcome.

Sometimes you will hear people say, man, I am so unlucky in life. There is no such thing is luck, now don't get me wrong, I say good luck all the I know what I mean so it's good enough for me and it basically means what the other person thinks. Luck comes from good choices. They might not seem like good choices at the time but you can't forget sometimes the worst choices have the best results.

Remember, life is all about choices. It is up to us to make that choice and no one else. People can give you all the information they want until they are blue in the face but it is up to you to determine the validity and reliability of that information and make a choice. Just because some information might be bad information you are still the one making the choice. You can't blame anyone else but yourself for making a choice on bad information. You need to take responsibility and be accountable for every choice you make in life. Also remember, sometimes the smallest of choices can result in the largest impacts in your life.