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What actually makes a Jedi Jedi? Someone who does good deeds, or is selfless? That is only one of the perspectives. Jedi is supposedly split into five different types, each having their own separate way of living.

When people grind it down, the root which connects all the Jedi together is the faith in the Force.

The Force, Ki, Prana, Qi, Chi, God, Holy Spirit—these are just a few of the many names which all represent this energy. "The Force" actually is just a fictional name created by George Lucas. But the synonyms for this word are those that have existed for thousands of years.

Because of this, anyone who believes in this energy can be Jedi, right? If you think about it, no matter what you chose to call the Force, you can still just call yourself a Jedi.

We can call ourselves anything we like; after all it’s just a title or a name. So what does it matter?

It’s up to you what you wish to believe, what you want to call it. It’s your choice what you want to label yourself as, as long as it’s you, and not something you don’t wish to be.

So forget about the names. Forget about other people’s beliefs and way of life. Choose on your own, live as you wish, believe what you believe is true.

So what is a Jedi then, since it can be nearly anything. You can decide that if you wish.