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Q: How can I get people to treat me with more respect?

A: What goes around comes around. What we sow in kindness returns as a harvest of surprises; what gifts we send out return in different wrappings. Shadows of negativity scattered into the world, return to the sender. Good works and virtues are like seeds that multiply; we plant a sprout and reap a forest of gratitude. The simplest generous act blesses the giver, but if we give in order to receive, our hopes are dashed on the shores of attachement. So give your best for the sake of giving and the best will return.

Personal Application:
When we give to get, we may get something back, but we are often left unsatisfied. When we give for the sake of giving, the act instantly activates inner joy, worth, meaning, connection, and purpose. So what goes around comes around, whether it comes from without or within. And nowhere is this lesson so evident than in our relationships with others.

* List three people you know well.

* For each person, list specific, concrete things you have given this person in the past day, week, or month.

* For each person, list specific, concrete things that this person has given you. if you consider well, you may see that you have received at least as much as you have given.

* Consider for a moment what you have given the world, to your life, and to those around you. Notice what you are receiving, even now.

Q: What's the best way to make a real difference in the world?

A: Little things can make a big difference. Some big accomplishments in the eyes of the world signify little in the eyes of Spirit, yet some small acts in the eyes of the world are great in the eyes of Spirit. Life is not made only of grand gestures, heroic feats, and historic deeds; life is made up of little things. The smallest action can make the biggest difference. There's no need to wait for a big break or breakthrough. Just do the little things. To make huge strides, take small steps. In sports, relationships, art, or business, success may be waiting for one more day, one last try. A single word can make or break us; a last straw broke the camel's back; a simple smile or loving touch can heal our world.

Personal Applications:
Would you like to learn to meditate but haven't found the time? Start with thirty seconds each day and follow the natural course.

Would you like to begin a program of regular exercise each day? Start with one jumping jack each morning and see how it evolves.

Do you want to eliminate world hunger? Make a sandwich and hand it to a hungry person each week.

What would you like to accomplish in your life? Whatever it is, start small, and let the little things become part of your life.

*List three things you would like to make part of your everyday life. Next to each item, write a small step you can take today, in the right direction. Then do it.