Right/Wrong, Good/Evil, and what does it really mean

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Everyone has a blanket definition of Good, evil, right, wrong, light, dark, etc etc. From what I see Jedi believe in controlling themselves but other than that, nothing else.

Does that mean a Jedi can go so far as to rape someone if they are in controll of themselves?

Shockingly strong question? Maybe if such questions where asked in other religions and places attrocoties would not occur.

I will give you my blanket statement now.

Right: When one is acting within accordance with ones own will with respect to others around them, doing what feels right within respect to those around them also. Acting toward another in what one would consider a positive effect on their life from the point of view of the one being acted upon.

Wrong: Acting so as to force the accordance of ones own will upon others in such a way as they would see as a negative effect on their life.

Side Note: Some of the best teachers must put you through what you don't want to go through, but you actually REALY want what they show you as a result, so to a lesser degree right is subjective, no teacher ever chased a student though so consider that also.
And now for that word that started the other hot topic on a similar lines....

Balance: Acting within the confines of what not to do, while ensuring others have the right to act within their own concept of right.

Example: You have a right to swing your fist, but if the person your connecting it with has not agreed to that, and your not defending your own rights of personal freedom from them in a logical manner you should be stoped then and there. One who is acting in the right will encrouche on your freedom, possibly to blow your nose without aid of a medicle advisor, to preserve the freedom of another. The right cancles out the wrong. However, the person who's face your attempting to re-arrange HAS concented to such rearangement in some fasion, perhaps by their own acts which would logically develope to defending yourself you DO have a right to rearange their face.

Common sense, logic, I see so manny people who very easily pervert these terms. We need a moral code that goes deeper ultimately. What I left here was a politically correct way of saying right from wrong. Also what I leave here is the most drawn out overcomplicated way of saying things I could possibly think of, because I want you, all of you who I consider my friends on some level to consider what do you REALY believe right and wrong are and WHY do you believe it. I personally will never allow the strong to harm the weak if I can prevent it. I personally won't think a second thought if I sense I must act to save someone from themselves, but, when I ask what I think and what I know inside I find I am at my own termoil. Mind you, these concepts are not necessarily in keeping with my "local" upbringing and concepts of what is right and wrong. In the US its illegal in manny states to stop someone from being harmed by another, that doesn't mean that when I see them and I have no access to a phone I am not going to intervene with all the Force and power within me.