The Blade of Man

The human being is like a sword. How fitting then, that to a warrior mystic, their sword is their soul.

The human body when first born is grown by nature, just as the iron of the Earth is. During this process, both the metal and the person are given all they need to survive and more. Also in that metal are imperfections that would flaw the metal if used as a blade right away. The sword would break, and the person would die.

Instead, nature also brought forth Fire. That most mystic of elements that is a lifeless life all unto itself. The single most destructive hand of nature, yet having no substance of its own. This fire can come in the form of a flame for the metal and in the form of trials and tribulations for the human.

From one form of Metal, another is strengthened. The lump of iron is heated in the fires, and beat by the hammer and anvil to remove the imperfections it once was also freed of. Parents raise their children to know what is right, and punish them for what it wrong. For this, they are the hammer and anvil, removing all the imperfections and flaws that come with inexperience and young age.

From time to time, even the metal must cool. The Air frees the lump of glowing embers, allowing it to recover and prepare itself for more trials to come. When a child is left to rest in the open air, they too are strengthened by its soft embrace. The air is what they breathe to stay alive, and that which does not kill a man, only makes him stronger.

In the end of the cycle, the blade is cooled and sharpened with Water. The water is used to remove the intense heat from the metal sliver, as well as to help the sharpening stone finish refining it to a razor edge. Even a late teen has their own waves of emotion and moments of placid reflection. When they learn to flow as water does, they have reached the grace of the blade.

The blade is then set in a sheath of Wood to rest until needed. Wood is an appropriate material due to its nature. Wood will bend with the slight wind of change and struggle, but it will stand strong. However, at the right time, it makes for a powerful, yet often unseen weapon. This human blade is now the same way. In their trials, they have learned to be like that wood and flow with the winds of time, yet stand their ground.

The Man is now just as his sword. They both sprung unrefined from the Earth, hammered and tempered of Fire and Metal, cooled and strengthened by Water and Air, and taking on the outward appearance of Wood so that he knows when to strike and when to steady his hand. Do not fear such a man if you are in the right, but fear this living blade, and his sword, should you be in the wrong.