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When you ponder over it, you begin to understand how much we put trust into other people/things. We trust certain objects and even people with our lives. Even sub-consciously we trust several things at once.

For instance being inside a building, you trust many things. Believing that the builders did a good job and the floor beneath you will support you, and trusting the electrician he tied on the light above you correctly. The list goes on, added more speculation to the amount of trust you give.

Without trust we would find it exceedingly hard to live and advance. No one would trust another, and we would trust nothing. How lonely and sad would that be?

Have you ever broken a promise to a trusting friend? I have, and I’m sure you have all done it sometime whether intentionally or not. Their trust in you fades slightly, and you let them down. You let yourself down.

Sometimes it’s best not to rely on other people, hoping they will come to your rescue. Were is the line drawn between trust we need, and trust we choose? As people we must teach our self to be rid of the child-like thought, that someone else will help us. Our friends, family can’t always be there, and just as we do, brake promises.

There is one thing that you can trust. It never breaks promises, because it never makes them. It is always there, always was and always will; but it will never physically save you. So pin your trust with the Force, and if not more importantly, yourself. Believe in yourself, only you are the boundary to what you can achieve.

You and the Force. Together as one.