It’s probably best to start off this lesson, simply by saying that the Force is evermore powerful, unique, and mysterious; and we never will understand it completely.

When you lift your hand, is it because you had free will to do so, or could it be possible that it occurred due to a reason: the Force’s reason. Free will vs. destiny.

Does it have to be one or the other? Can it not be both, or neither? Perhaps the truth is beyond us.

There will be times in our lives when our beliefs will be questioned by our selves. You could experience a terrible event. This could shake your faith. It may be something you’ve heard or seen, that makes you question your deepest beliefs. You may be unsure who to trust, through a hard-time, you may not even trust yourself.

There is one thing you can trust in. It has several names. All of which mean, the deep connecting energy within you.

Perhaps you were meant to go through such a testing time. Maybe, just maybe there was a reason. Co-incidence, destiny or both?

The Force works in mysterious ways, and you may question the Force’s nature and why it puts you in such a bad state. Believe there is a reason, trust in the Force. Learn from living, and trust the Force to make the right decision.

Give yourself over to the Force.

Be free.