Balanced or Neutral

This is a subject I have pondered over many times around. The conception between balance and neutral. Balance, by definition in general is a state of equilibrium, or equal relationship, a mental or emotional stability, a harmonious proportion, as in the design or arrangement of parts in a whole. Or simply, to be equal and constantly stable in a balance for weight.

To be neutral by general definition is to not take the part of either side, belonging to neither...having no decided color, grayish. Indefinite; in the middle, not associating or aligning to a particular side. Or simply, to be in between sides.

For me, this has always been a touching issue for me to face. Since, the Jedi believe in balance, yet I see how sometimes they give the more distinctive meaning of neutral...and not in particularly the meaning of balance. What we sometimes mixed up with what we call neutral. Yet, I am asked this question: Is being neutral, a balance to The Force?

Again, this is your decision. To what you feel is right for The Force. Yet I believe that it is not the same, as for my own personal meaning of both of the words. This is my own answer. The true answer lies in what you choose it to be...and how you perceive such.

Yet understand what the words mean in your own perspective of interpretation...and to not let it cloud your judgement. This is extremely important, for I have seen those that have suffered for not doing so. This is simply a word from the wise.