The Just Shall Live by Faith

"The just shall live by faith."

Martin Luther was an interesting individual. He lived in the 16th century, and was raised in a particular religion as a monk, a teacher as you may call it, teaching others the truth that he was taught of.

Yet, he began to realize the flaws of his religion, even though he still believed it. That they were doing things that him just didn’t feel right. They thought that they were the only right way, and that there was no other. He began to question the Bible and studied it, to see what was so wrong.

One day he stumbled upon a text that knocked him out with clear realization.

"The Just shall live by Faith."

It meant to him that the honest and the virtuous people shall live in confidence, and with assurance. To believe what they can’t see. In other words, Creed. That you shouldn’t never chase physical things and say that yes, this is the ONLY truth out there.

And he started his own thing. His own way of life with his own answers, believing that anything is possible if you believe in it. Of course, other monks and other long admires of him did not like his new way of life, and they tried to stop him...and get rid of his new ideals. Yet they couldn’t. He believed in connection, and to stay in contact to others that kept the Faith. And he became well known.

So must we also do the same. As Jedi, we must study for ourselves the pieces of knowledge that we have, and come up with our own answers, even if others don’t see it the same way and want to destroy you. It will never be taken for granted. This is the way of the Jedi, to stay firm and to believe in what you feel, even though you cannot see it.

The Just shall live by Faith.