Goodness in all Things

When I say something in which a certain thing or object is good, I am intending that to signify the completeness of something, a fulfilment of something. So am I saying that there is no Evil? Not exactly - for the goodness of something provides the knowledge and understanding of evil, in order to realize how good that something really is.

Take for example light and darkness within a day. Night is simply a time of rest and peace, yet it is usually interpreted as being evil. It does not necessarily mean such, for it helps complete the entire day. Without the night, which indicates a time of rest, there would be no completeness in our world. Another example is how movies portray good and evil. If you notice, a good person usually has it where the light shines from above them. If you are evil, you will probably have it where the light shines from below. In other words, you can use light as a distinction between good and evil, as well as darkness.

So what am I really saying? Evil is only used for understanding the fullness of what is good, nothing more. Have you ever notice when you turn on a light, it chases the darkness away and is condensed in smaller areas, never growing? Yet what if it was possible that you had every ray of light pointed towards every shadow would darkness exist? I think not. Besides that, it cannot, or let us say that it will not, work the other way around. A ray of darkness can not overcome a ray of light. The ray of light will always prevail.

So when something is bad or you seem to always have constant amount of problems, realize that this is only a tool to help you understand that good exist. If you had it only where you had no problems at all, would one even care about good and what it signifies? You see, evil helps us, or you can even go as far as to say "tests" us, to realize that goodness will overcome any obstacle. That is why there is goodness in all things.