Light Unity Rising

Most of you might know the saying, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." It may sound like a contradiction to you, yet there is much truth behind the words if you look beyond their typical meaning. First of all you will realize throughout history in which one will strive to change things for the better, yet it will also have a negative aspect--the aspect that many persons will be more willing to not change at all.

Is unity possible? Some it seems do not believe such, yet I do not conceive how that is so, due to the fact that there is no contradiction. Everything is provided for a particular reason, whether or not that reason will bring forth a valuable result. Sometimes, or rather most of the times, uncertainty will rise with the positive shed of unity. "Do we have the faith and courage to teach them the truth?" most leaders and followers ask themselves. When a Jedi finds corruption, one reacts in a way that can be rather disturbing, yet it must be done in order to shed reality into the matter. Sometimes we must do this through illusionary acts, such as portraying many unique personalities so that we can guide those that need our help.

Luke Skywalker taught us this perception rather well, when walking in the Palace of the Hutt. By viewing himself to others as a cunning, crafty Jedi Knight, many creatures, including Jabba himself, took him for granted. It practically saved his life.

Sometimes we are going to be forced into situations in which one must rise up to the challenge, creating a change that would lead persons out of tragedies and into enlightenment. It sometimes can cost that person's name to be tarnished, disrupting their reputation and creating a newer form of chaos. Yet for the chaos that shed, it will overall influence one Jedi gatekeeper to literally save a thousand souls.

For all of those who do not believe unity can exist, ask yourself what makes you different--what makes you unique? You see, we realize that unity can exist in ourselves as well as the outside world, in which we clearly realize that our distinctions is that which creates similarity and bonding. Opposites attract. So do uniqueness. If everyone was like you, would you want to always be with them? Not really. You are always looking for someone that is different and does things differently. It may sound like a contradiction, yet it is not. It literally creates unity.

So for those times that do bring about change, grasp the wisdom that it is always the person following the fool who is truly more foolish then the fool itself. Stand up for something when you find the fates disturbing.