The Ultimate Lesson

If only we could save every lesson ever taught by any one of us. Wouldn't this be great? Sure. Still, we can do something. The next best thing, we find, is saving what we can whenever we have the chance. Believe it or not, the chance, our chance, is now.

There are so many of us, those who have been practicing the ways of the Jedi for years, who have imagined a moment in time when we would be able to provide a detailed library, full of great Jedi content, for beginners to come and learn of the teachings very little of us were able to experience for ourselves. Some of the original founders of websites have strived to put as much Jedi material together as possible. Why? Well, because we know how hard it was for us to find lessons or texts which held the specific knowledge we were searching for.

I am glad many of us now have learned our lesson - finally, fine groups of dedicated Jedi have come together and attempted to create something great. Of all the material which has been deleted or lost over the years, we now have the ability, and technology, to save what we can.

We ask you to help us not only in preserving these texts, but also by learning from them. When you learn these teachings, you spread them to others around you via your existance. This keeps these precious lessons alive and well. We know with your dedication, we can keep these creative pieces of wisdom alive not only in us, but also in the hearts and minds of those around us.