Truth as a Whisper

We live in a world where most of us are taught that one needs to fight to survive, that whoever makes the best show gives the best argument. We see this concept in courtrooms, elections, and other kinds of social activities in society. There are some of us though who are taught to accept how things are, never striving to argue with people over something that simply cannot be concluded. In the end, we find ourselves in a great predicament: what is the truth we are attempting to convey with our audience?

I find that sometimes truth comes as a whisper. Although there are people who have great points of view and hold much evidence to prove their side, I find those who are right to be the ones whispering in a crowd. This whisper, so surrounded by yells and screams, is faded in the background, so faded indeed, that many cannot hear it.

Maybe if we are silenced for a while, we can hear the truth call to us in a whisper. This stage of silence will probably come at a time when we are tired, quieted from arguing so loud that our ears explode, or when our mouths get too dry. Yet what about now? What if we are already hearing the truth, but because we are so focused on the voices that seem to leap out, forcing us which way we need to turn, we can’t hear it at all? What a sad thought.

Here is a suggestion. Stop what you are reading, stop the voices that are inside your head, and actually attempt to hear a whisper. Is it your conscious? Perhaps it is God or the Force. Whatever it is, it is truth.