The Potential of Words

Words are a part of connection - it is a way of expressing ourselves to others in a way we can express them. It gives meaning, it gives imagination, it gives warmth and comfort. To understand and comprehend the definition and the meaning of words, of language and speech, people will dare to listen. And will be given hope, faith, and love.

To listen is what a Jedi focuses on. To learn and to heed is our vision. And to gain literacy and to become literate, this objective will take place. To be impartial, unprejudiced, unbiased of discerning others’ views. To listen and to recognize all aspects of the equation. The equation of truth.

We talk, write, and express-- yet we must also think before we leap. The matter and the element of illustration is to adapt to the phase and to understand it’s angle. It’s definition and it’s meaning. To the best of our ability.

Others will turn and notice, more will listen and learn. It can tear a compassionate heart or save a hopeless soul. People notice it’s flaws as well as it’s excellence, and notice it well. The potential of words is great beyond measure. It is a gift to us from The Force. Use it wisely.