We Define Ourselves

I have seen how George Lucas defines what he created for his movies. For one, I have study the ways of Buddhaism, Shintoism, Hinduism, and all of those kind of Eastern religions which seem to be based on Jedi principles. Yet I believe you should realize something here.

We are who we are, because we define ourselves to be what we are. We are for real life, not the same Jedi who are so wielded into sabre fights. We know our limitations, and we do not use the position that we cannot be Jedi because of this or that, or that you are not part of this cult, or this religion, and so forth.

There was a time where a group wished to follow the Jedi ways, their way of learning, the way that they see the Force and how it surrounds them, and with that, they created something rather grand. Not a cult or another religion, yet a moral code of living. For example, a knight at King Author's resort was not of any greater cult than his king, yet had a code of living that was respectable, in which he lived a particular way he found was the best path for him.

It is the same for us all here. We can take the definition of how the Jedi he constructed to the point where we are simply not-existant. This is what non-Jedi don't realize, the fact that we cannot be purely defined by Lucas or his movies. We need to define ourselves. We need to define the way we live and the way we follow our paths. That is why we are what we are.