Time as our Dictator

What is time...a tool or a lesson? We find that we rely so much on time, that it seems to control our every move. Everything we do, it seems, we are always watching out for the minutes that go by. Slowly and surely, time dictates us, and calls us to attention.

We must understand that time is a protector, not a preventor. To control our own selves, we must realize that we control time, and not the other way around. It is the way we use it. Sometimes we must let time go as it may, and simply not worry about it, not to think about the next deadline. It’s about now, and how we preserve it. The rest will take care of itself.

By letting ourselves control the next move, not the clock, we control our own destiny. By facing the fact that life goes on, and that we are part of it. The Force gives us a tool, teaching us that we--yes we--are our own dictators and decision makers of what happens next.