What we all have in common

Was pondering tonight of all the different people I've met on this site and on other Jedi sites and there are so many different people with so many different ideas of what the Jedi world is all about. It came to me that no matter how we think of it, no matter what our true goals are, no matter how far we differ in our ideology about what a Jedi is, and even if you consider the range in our perspectives from light Jedi to Sith, we all have something in common or we would not have met together on these boards. You might think I'm talking about the movies, which while it's true most of us like and were drawn here by the movies, I don't think that's really it. A lot of people who like the movies aren't here and we are, so what would it be? We all want to change the world. Even if your only purpose here is to bend other people's minds over to your own private agenda, you still have a desire to change the world. Even if you are a Sith Lord trying to get those confounded Jedi, you still have a desire to change the world. But yet why would we be here instead of any other "change the world" site? Because somehow we all looked at Star Wars, the world of the Jedi (Sith?) and saw something that made us think to ourself "Now that's the way it ought to be." But even if you don't like the movies or are not drawn here because of the movies, you still saw something about Star Wars that made you think of it as an avenue to changing the world.