If None of us are Perfect

I believe we, as Jedi, need to work towards being perfect.

We are so quick to give up and settle into our flaws. If we are Jedi...we should be progressing every day, being better people, doing better things. Making better decisions. Doing better, promoting better things. Thinking better.

None of us are perfect. Some of you will agree to this, but why? If we are not perfect, then it shows there is something wrong about us. That we are not doing right. And if that is true...then we need to look at that, reflect on it, and do something about it. To change ourselves.

A question we must ask. What is the goal of a Jedi? What is the point of living an honorable, selfless lifestyle...if we do not strive to master it? We must learn to perfect these things within. We need to keep going and striving to be perfect. Once we decide to stop, we decide to stop striving, and the path is forgotten.

Everyday, we need to make the commitment as Jedi to let go, unlearn what we have learned, and learn to come close to the source that is perfect. That is the Force. When we are one with it, that is only when we can be perfect...but we cannot reach the oneness of the Force...if we do not strive to be of its existance. If we settle ourselves, and reason to ourselves we have gone far enough, we will never find the Force.

As a community, we must strive better. We must do better. We must think better, feel better. Eat better, sleep better. Do better things, live better. Be better.