Champions of the Force

Recently I read the Star Wars Book, "Champions of the Force" in which an evil spirit, Exar Kun, keeps attacking the minds of Luke's new Jedi trainees. He succeeded in getting two of them to turn to the dark side and killed them. Then the only way they are able to defeat the Exar Kun is in their unity as each one alone is too weak. Just wanted to state some quotes from the Jedi characters in the book made to Exar Kun when he tries to intimidate them.

Dorsk81: "Our differences make us strong."

Tionne: "synergy between students grows stronger, reinforces their weak spots."

Cilghal: "The way to extinguish a shadow is to increase the light.

Luke Skywalker: "You've broken the bonds. Together you make a formidable team. Perhaps we need no longer fear the darkness."

This enemy attacked the Jedi when they were alone and vulnerable and having fights with each other. Jedi need to stick together and support each other, not tear each other down, whether it is fictional Jedi or realist Jedi. There are potentially people in the outside world who would tear us apart too. See some of the articles people have written about us. I think they were in the database or maybe library. But I'm sure you're aware that people outside of us think we are weird and if we get support on this path, that support is most likely to come from other Jedi. So it's important to support each other. If you have to criticize, do so constructively. Then try to find what other Jedi do right more than you pick apart what they do wrong. If we all get behind each other, we'll all grow collectively stronger. If we bicker each other apart we'll flounder. So remember, be constructive and we need no longer fear the darkness.