Freedom through Restraint

Just musings based on some parts of life I've been observing...

I know this person who thinks that by being free, he can do whatever he wants, however he wants, whenever he wants. Though he's an adult, he actually reminds me of a young boy who doesn't seem to understand that though a person can be free, there are still rules and guidelines that keep us in place. This man is in the process of grave relationship troubles and he thinks he can just do this or that his way; he becomes frustrated and lashes out at whoever is closest when he learns that the law just doesn't work that way. His way doesn't work!

Observing the situation and seeing how this fellow butts his head against the wall repeatedly instead of just going with the flow and going by what rules there are atop his freedom, I think of JediKnight G's old lecture, Freedom Through Restraint. I think of this path, the path of the Lightside Jedi and the perception of being restrained, contained and otherwise hindered. ;) Are we less free than any other Force user?

I personally do not think so. JediKnight G's lecture looks at the fact that moral value may place a restriction since to be a Lightsider, it means you hold up certain ideals and behaviors; you seek to help people in all situations, for instance, rather than turning a blind eye. But, his lecture also stresses that "once you have set your eyes on a path that you have judged to be the most humane, the most positive, you are to follow that path, wherever it may lead you." The only word he may have neglected to add (I think), is that "you are free to follow that path."

Speaking for myself, I've made the choice to walk this path. It was my free will to do so (please don't take the destiny vs. free will debate out of this!). Therefore, I am still free in my path though the demands and expectations of being a Lightsider mean that I cannot just do whatever I want to do, when I want to do it, where I want to do it.

It's all about accepting where you are, who you are and what influences there are upon one's life. Working with acceptance of a situation, there are still avenues of freedom to be found.