Jedi Definition and Core Values

Jedi Definition

This document was created by a group of Jedi who spent a few months pulling together the core beliefs of the Jedi community to define the Jedi Realist path as currently understood.

There are many ways to use this document. One is to read through it, paying attention to how each statement feels to you.  What resonates with you?  What doesn't seem to fit your perspective?  Why do you think this is?  You can also view this as a way to determine where your strengths and weaknesses are.  If there is an area which you are neglecting find a way to begin to address this. Or you can simply use this as a tool for inspiration, reminding you of the big picture around this path.  However you use it, I hope it is beneficial to you.

What is a Jedi Realist?
Jedi Realist is a term meant to distinguish the Jedi of the real world from the Jedi of fiction, often shortened to Jedi, leaving the term Realist implied. Jedi are people who seek to emulate the Jedi Knights as presented in the fictional Star Wars universe by embracing the Jedi's virtues and strengths and expressing them in the real world. Jedi are called by the Force to direct their actions and passions in a direction that serves humanity, seeking to embody the principles outlined in the Core Values, and constantly pursuing self-development and training in all areas of mastery, including mental, physical, spiritual and psychic.

What are the Core Values?

The Core Values of the Jedi encompass many areas. A Jedi
1. Has faith and confidence in the Force and the inner strength and guidance it provides.
2. Disciplines and trains the mind to gain knowledge, a strong will and serenity.
3. Disciplines and trains the body to develop and maintain health and wellness in support of the Jedi's work.
4. Disciplines and trains the spirit through a conscious connection to the Force, gaining focus and discretion.
5. Acknowledges emotions without allowing them to alter their actions or vision.
6. Strives to achieve balance in all areas of life.
7. Respects and defends life in all its forms.
8. Is a guardian of peace and justice.
9. Approaches life with courage and honesty to gain wisdom.
10. Humbly undertakes service for the betterment of all.
11. Practices compassion and patience toward others as well as the self.
12. Views the world critically and objectively, with a willingness to challenge conventional thinking.
13. Accepts the responsibility to pass on their knowledge to willing students of the Force.