What does it mean to live by a Code

Jedi Master Odan-Urr once said “Certainly a Jedi should know the Code, by word and by heart. But seemingly every Jedi is in some fashion negligent, from the lowest Padawan to the highest Master. Consequently, were someone to demand, ‘What is the true meaning of the Jedi Code?’ the Jedi who promptly answered would be rare indeed.”

By this point in your education, you should all know the Jedi Code by word. The words are easy to remember and the complete stanza is only four lines long. Each line focuses on two words that describe opposites: what to avoid and what to embrace. You have even spent time interpreting those words and bending them to fit your own personal view of Jedi. But, as Master Odan-Urr explained, it is another thing entirely to know the words by heart.

Knowing a code by heart goes beyond simply understanding what the code means. In order to reach a full mastery of any code, it must be lived—in mind and in action. Codes are not things to be claimed one day and discarded the next. Codes cannot be “turned on” when it is convenient. We have codes for a reason, and in order to gain from them (which is what they are for) you must embrace them.

Often times I have seen a person on the boards who has claimed the title of Jedi, but their actions do not reflect their knowledge of what it means to be Jedi. The same holds true for following any code. You must be willing to put work behind the words you speak. And when you do this, you will find peace and understanding—you become one with the Force. Following a code is not a simple stroll. If you are truly living by a code, it affects every single decision you make and action you take. And that is what makes it so hard.

For the lecture, please write a paragraph that answers the following question: how would you evaluate the benefits of living by a code?

Homework: Think of a character from any Star Wars genre (movies, books, comics). Describe a situation where he/she was truly living the Code. How does this Code affect his/her life? Do you believe he/she benefits from this connection? Why or why not? Could you, personally, live a code (not necessarily the Jedi Code)?