Can I Have My Own Personal Code

By now (since I have hinted at this often enough) you should know the answer to this question; yes, you can have your own personal code. In fact, if you remember, you already have had to write your own for Jedi Code Introduction. Here’s another question for you—why? Why should you put time and effort into creating a code for yourself when there are obviously so many codes out there?

A single individual, or at most a group of people, using their ideals to be applied to people who share those exact same ideals, has created every single one of the codes we have discussed thus far in class. They are over generalizing—these codes take what they believe is the best way to live life and making an assumption that everyone wants to follow that way of life. Think about this for a moment. There are many Jedi, all being taught and following the Code, here at the JRA. However, we are not all following identical paths to becoming Jedi—many of us don’t even view Jedi in the same way.

Perspectives are another reason for writing individual codes. Light, Gray, Dark, and Shadow all share differing viewpoints, yet all are being taught the standard Code. Yes, others do exist (as you learned about in Jedi Code Introduction), but they are not as well known. And again, what happens if you do not agree with one of the lines. When you adopt a code, you must adopt the whole thing and not just bits and pieces. Creating a personal code allows you the freedom to decide exactly which bits you believe in.

For the lecture, please make a list of possible ideas you may use for your own code. If you want to, you can refer back to the original code you wrote (they should be in your journals at JEDI). Write a description of why you have chosen to include the items you have.

Homework: In your journals, please write a paragraph explaining what your reasons would be for electing to create your own code.