What is a Light Jedi?

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What is a Light Jedi?  A Light Jedi is not as many different things as many sometimes think.    First we follow and believe in the Jedi Code down to the bottom of our soul.  The other part is we understand and follow the 21 Maxims, or the Truisms I have come up with, which I will post in another thread.  That is the core of a Light Jedi.  Pretty much in those two things you can really sum it up but that alone does not make us distinguished as a Light Jedi.  Most of those are just what makes you a responsible and moral person in today’s society.  Obviously the code is up for argument depending on what path you follow but for the Light Jedi that is our code.  Many have their own variations on it but most I have seen I can still sum up with the 4 lines already there.  As long as you can justify your additions though, add whatever you feel appropriate.  Anyways, we help others for the chance to just be able to help others.  We do not do it for our own advancement or self gratitude.  Yes, sometimes our own advancement will be a effect of our helping someone else on occasion but it should never be any part of your decision on if you are going to help another person.  Many things of how a Light Jedi is supposed to act and be are in the Truisms or Maxims.  This is just in addition to those things.  A Light Jedi acts on the behalf of others and not themselves.  So to get a complete understanding of a Light Jedi, learn and understand the Jedi code.  Learn and understand the 21 Maxims or the Truisms.  Put those together with what is mentioned here and you will have the foundation of what a Light Jedi is.  So as you can see there is not much to it but putting all those in motion can take much work and dedication.  That’s the nice thing at least about a Light Jedi is to get an understanding of what we are just read the code and the maxims/truisms.